Meet Our Senior Staff!

Pam Wall
Executive Director
Give her a call: (919) 559-6259
Favorite book when she was a kid: Eloise at The Plaza, by Kay Thompson. Growing up in a very small Missouri farming community the Eloise books, a gift from my Great Aunt in California, motivated me to be bold, independent and to think big about moving to a city. Most important, it taught me that the people in your life are your friends, even though you've named your dog Weenie and dress your pet turtle Skipperdee in sneakers.

Tina Clossick
Director of Operations
Give her a call: (919) 933-1455, ext. 104
Favorite book when she was a kid: "Go Dogs, Go! I love the humor in this book ... Do you like my hat?  I was just as excited as all the dogs at the end of the book when they made it to the 'Dog Party.'"

Melanie Hatz Levinson
Curator of Exhibits
Give her a call: (919) 933-1455, ext. 102
Favorite book when she was a kid: "My favorite was The Little Prince.  I got a copy from my father's flying buddy in the Coast Guard when I was born and my dad used to read it to me before bed.  I still find myself embedded in a world of creativity and imagination.  Pretty awesome."

Lisa Van Deman
Director of Education
Give her a call: (919) 933-1455, ext. 102
Favorie book when she was a kid: "Many. My mom would read me poems from A.A. Milne's When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six. I still remember many of them. Later, I loved the Little House books – and every time it snows I consider trying to make the maple snow candy that Mary and Laura made in Little House in the Big Woods. In 4th grade I read a book called When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and it became my favorite. I flipped through it recently and I couldn't imagine how my 9 year old self could have absorbed such an emotional story!"

Deanna Patrick
Director of Programs
Leave a message for her at: (919) 933-1455
Favorite book when she was a kid: "The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. This was one we used to read together with my parents who always emphasized that in life everyone learns to be true to themselves AND to stop and smell the flowers along the way!"

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