Kidzu Mission, Vision & Values


To provide an educational, interactive environment dedicated to inspiring children and the adults in their lives to learn through play.


To be one of the best community children’s museums in the country (to excel at serving, celebrating and reflecting our community) and, in partnership with the outstanding educational and cultural institutions in our region, a national innovator in museum-based education for children aged 0-10 and their families.

We will fulfill our mission and vision through a commitment to the following:

  1. Financial Sustainability. Financial sustainability will be Kidzu’s first priority, to ensure that we are able to fulfill Kidzu’s mission in the present and for years to come.
  2. Fun and Play. Kidzu will be a fun, joyful place, where children and families stretch their minds, bodies and imaginations through playful, hands-on experiences.
  3. Educational Innovation. Kidzu will be an educational innovator among children’s museums by:
    • Ensuring that the museum’s exhibits, programs and other educational efforts are based on best practices in education and current knowledge about how children learn best
    • Developing and sharing new methods for educating children and families in museum settings
    • Developing new knowledge about experiential learning in children’s museums
  4. Community Focus. At its heart, Kidzu will be a community children’s museum.  This commitment to community will be manifested by:
    • Serving children aged 0-10 years living within 25 miles of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area, as well as visitors to the Triangle region.  Kidzu’s target audience includes children and their families as well as child care centers, preschools and schools.  Our target area encompasses all of Orange and Durham counties, most of Chatham and Alamance counties and the western portion of Wake County.
    • Reflecting and celebrating our community in the museum’s exhibits and programs and throughout the museum
  5. Interactive Exhibits and Programs. Kidzu will feature hands-on exhibits and programs including:
    • A set of exceptional, interactive, permanent exhibits that celebrate what makes our community special and occasional traveling exhibits or rotating locally-produced exhibits
    • Outstanding, educational family programs that share the talents of our community and bring our exhibits to life
  6. Educational Resources for Educators and Caregivers. Kidzu will be a resource and partner for area educators and caregivers.  The museum will:
    • Serve as an educational resource for local schools, preschools and child care centers through field trips and other programs
    • Provide parents and other caregivers with resources to help support their children’s development
    • Partner with educators and caregivers in supporting our children’s development
  7. Fostering Connections between Kids and Adults. Kidzu will be a place where children can connect with the adults in their lives, playing and learning together and delighting in each other’s company.
  8. “Whole Child” Focus. At Kidzu, we will support the “whole child,” offering exhibits and programs on a wide range of topics that support children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.  Exhibit and program content will cover such topics as creativity, arts, dramatic play, language and literacy, math, health/fitness, and fostering young children’s understanding of themselves, our community, and of different cultures.
  9. Partnerships. We will build partnerships with the exceptional local cultural and educational organizations in our area that support Kidzu’s mission.
  10. Diversity and Accessibility. We will be committed to serving children and families from diverse backgrounds, and reflecting and celebrating the diversity of our community. In support of this goal, Kidzu will be readily accessible by car, public transportation and school bus and physically accessible by visitors with special needs.

Core Values

  1. We celebrate children and believe that they are highly capable.
  2. We strive to model best practices in education, building on current knowledge about the most effective, developmentally-appropriate approaches for educating children.
  3. We place a high value on play, understanding that, for children, play is learning.
  4. We believe that every child and adult should be treated with dignity and respect. We value diversity and strive to provide an inclusive, accessible environment.
  5. We seek to enhance caregivers’ connections with and understanding of their children.
  6. We believe that partnerships and collaborations are essential for our success.
  7. We place a premium on safety, with a particular focus on our child visitors.
  8. We seek to enhance the vitality of our community and to be viewed as exceptional neighbors and community members.
  9. We challenge ourselves to continually grow and improve as an institution and as individuals.  We invest in the development of our staff and volunteers.

Approved by Kidzu Board of Directors, 6/19/07

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