Kidzu Designer Questionnaire:


  1. Why do you want to participate in creating the new Kidzu Children's Museum and what do you think your firm uniquely brings to the project?
  2. What do you see as one of the most creative opportunities offered by this project and conversely, what would you describe as its three most significant challenges?
  3. Please describe your proposed process for moving the project planning and design forward.
  4. Cite an example of your work which you feel particularly demonstrates the successful integration of indoor and outdoor program space.
  5. Cite an example of your firm’s work that you believe to be the most playful, interactive and most successful at engaging children and families.
  6. Cite any examples of your firm’s work which demonstrate creativity in the application of green design principles.
  7. Cite an example from your work in which public art was successfully integrated into the design. If you haven't engaged in a public art program, describe how your team would successfully collaborate with artist(s) on this project.
  8. What is your opinion of the preliminary project budget?
  9. Cite any relevant experience with the Town of Chapel Hill Special Use Permit process or similar municipal approval processes.
  10. What is your firm’s current backlog of work relative to our project? What are the commitments and availability of key project personnel?
  11. Please describe your firm’s recent success rate with construction estimating vs. actual bid or final contract price.  What method(s) of cost modeling do you employ?
  12. What limits of professional liability insurance does your firm carry? Have there been any professional liability claims against your firm in the last five years?
  13. Do you have any experience with the Construction Manager (CM-at-Risk, Team-Build) method of project delivery?
  14. What quality control methods does your firm employ to ensure the accuracy of construction documents?

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