Selection Criteria:

  1. Demonstrated design creativity
  2. Specific experience and abilities of the personnel assigned to this project, particularly the lead designer and project manager
  3. The experience of any museum design consultant (if other than the submitting architect-of-record)
  4. Specific experience with the design of interactive learning spaces
  5. Experience with LEED certification and green building practices
  6. Experience with multiple stakeholder projects
  7. Proposed project team’s history of collaboration on other projects
  8. Firm's record of maintaining project budgetary and schedule limitations
  9. Experience with the Town of Chapel Hill review and approval process
  10. Applicable experience of engineering consultants
  11. Demonstrated integration of public art into the design process
  12. Experience working with local contractors and subcontractors
  13. Experience working with the Construction Manager form of project delivery
  14. Experience designing buildings located on top of parking structures or similarly complex projects
  15. Firm's staffing and assigned personnel’s current workload
  16. Ability to provide construction phase services, especially on multiple-stakeholder projects or similarly complex projects


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