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Kidzu Children's Museum is dedicated to providing extraordinary, hands-on learning experiences for the young children and families of our community. Your support will not only help ensure Kidzu is able to provide an amazing space for families over the next few years, you will also help shape our design and planning process and ensure that we create a future permanent children's museum that reflects our extraordinary community.

New Launch Pad Exhibit Sponsorships:

Kidzu's Launch Pad reachs children infant to tween with its innovative exhibits and programs focused on child health and wellness, art education, STEM and early learning. Kidzu's Launch Pad will serve over 100,000 visitors each year on-site, and thousands more through community events and outreach. Sponsorship pricing runs from $5,000 for 1-year single elements to $75,000 for large full exhibits. Sponsorships can be made for 1-year or up to 3-years.

See our New Launch Pad Location with exhibit details in slideshow format here.


Farm to Fork: Lessons about organic gardening and healthy lifestyles abound in this dramatic play area celebrating local foods and the farm to fork cycle. Whether planting and tending healthy fruits and vegetables, picking and arranging flowers, selecting “farm fresh” eggs or climbing into a beehive and “harvesting” the honey, children will have an abundance of organic products to weigh, measure, buy, and sell at the Farmer’s Market or cart off to the Millhouse Kitchen to cook and serve at the Kidzu Café.

Flexible Forest (with Tree House): The Flexible Forest is a changeable environment meant to bring the outdoors in and inspire creativity and creative reuse. The Forest surrounds our iconic, locally designed Tree House. A swing bridge and elevated Crow’s Nest will allow children to climb to great heights, test their own strength and explore the museum from new vantage points. Pulleys, levers and talking tubes will give climbers opportunities to collaborate and even set our Gravitron in motion. Beneath the tree house, the Rest Nest offers age specific exploratory play for Kidzu’s youngest visitors.

The Spin Zone: The Spin Zone is powered by Kidzu’s beloved Gravitron, as visitors launch balls with a giant Archimedes screw and race them through tracks of their own design. The Spin Zone highlights collaboration and cooperation as visitors explore the art and science of rotation. Wheels and gears, tools and travel, cause and effect and the basics of physics are all represented for young children to build critical STEM skills while having a whirl of a good time!

The Makery: The heartbeat of Kidzu’s Launch Pad is The Makery, dedicated to “maker education” and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) learning. Visitors of all ages can mix up real materials, tinker with real tools and explore new technologies in the creation of a wealth of creative projects. Each month, The Makery hosts appearances by “Makery Masters” – local artists, craftspeople, inventors and scientists – who share their expertise with Kidzu visitors and guide them in creating their own projects. Academic partnerships with UNC, NC State and Duke University infuse Makery programs with the latest research and cool technologies to capture children’s imagination and support science education.

Forest Theater: Inspired by UNC’s Forest Theatre and the local Paperhand Puppeteers who bring it to life each summer, the theater is the place for young visitors to explore creative dramatics and expression. Children will be able to explore puppetry arts and experiment with light, shadow and design as they apply STEAM principles in bringing their creative ideas to life.

Build Guild: Oversized ramps and blocks invite children to build amazing structures and develop gross motor skills. Fort building, vehicle construction and other engineering activities allow for creative problem-solving.

Book Nook: Children and families are invited to burrow into Kidzu’s Book Nook and share a good book, write original stories, share ideas on the community idea board, perform plays at the puppet theater. Story times, both in English and in Spanish take place daily.

Caregiver Courtyard: This central Gathering Space allows opportunities for groups to gather to eat a quick picnic lunch, to share ideas and hangout, and to delve deeper into educational best practices during sessions with local early childhood experts.

"Free Sundays" Program: Kidzu aims to provide play and learning opportunities to all children and families of our community and region regardless of ability, background, or income. Funding allowing Kidzu to be open without admission costs once a month will ensure Kidzu is supporting children and families in need and helping combat opportunity and achievement gaps.

Benefits Include: Special Recognition with in exhibit are and lobby donor wall in the Launch Pad. Recognition in e-newsletters, on our website, and through a press release annoucing your sponsorship. Transferable membership cards for employees (number varies with sponsorship). First right of refusal on exhibit sponsorship in permanent museum in 2017.

Call us at 919-933-1455 to arrange a sponsorship contribution today or contact Lisa Van Deman at vandeman@kidzuchildrensmuseum.org



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