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Explore, investigate, and create TOGETHER! New in 2021, Kidzu Clubs are a unique opportunity designed for social connection and exploration of a shared interest. Led by Kidzu professionals and topic enthusiasts, clubs offer children the space to follow their passions while interacting with friends. Kidzu Clubs are designed to evolve as restrictions for the pandemic change, ultimately moving from virtual to in-person settings. Virtual and in-person field trips will take club members to local farms, zoos, aquariums, sculpture gardens, and Kidzu’s Outdoor Learning Garden and Makery.

The children get to shape their experience! Kidzu clubs stand out because meetings are LIVE and personalized specifically for club members based on their feedback. Club leads will tailor topics and activities to the interests of the children in their group, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. 

We are kicking off Kidzu Clubs with a spring session from April through June of 2021! Club dues are $75 for the entire session, which includes 6 LIVE staff-led meetings, 12 total weeks of participation, a kit of materials specific to your club, asynchronous extension opportunities, virtual and in-person field trips (as COVID-restrictions allow), and 1 free pass to play at Kidzu! Find out more about each of our three pilot clubs below!

Registration for the spring session will end on April 1, 2021 at 11:59PM. Have more questions about how Kidzu Clubs work? Check out our FAQ here.

Bring out your inner Monet, Kahlo, or Michelangelo at Kidzu’s Art Club! We’ll explore a diverse range of art historical and contemporary figures and introduce a variety of techniques. Club members will investigate the work and significance of influential artists and then create projects to apply their own skills. Enjoy mediums such as painting, collage and more! Art Club will meet every two weeks on Wednesdays at 4:00pm: April 7 & 21, May 5 & 19, June 2 & 16.

Club goals: 

– Demystify the artist: anyone can create!
– Explore art history with a more diverse lens that includes women, African American, and Asian artists!
– Introduce basic studio art techniques in a variety of mediums

Meet the Educator: 

Hello, my name is Keely and I am super excited to be your club leader these upcoming weeks!! I am a senior at UNC studying art history and I have worked at Kidzu for three years. I love Impressionist and modern art and visiting museums with friends and a cup of coffee. My favorite artists include Camille Pissarro, Yves Klein, and El Anatsui. At the moment (and more often than not) my favorite piece is Botticelli’s Primavera.

Have a green thumb, or want to? GROW your botany knowledge in Kidzu’s Garden Club! Join us to learn gardening basics and how to tend for the outdoor spaces in your own backyard and neighborhood. Plant seeds, construct a planter, draw botanical illustrations, arrange flowers, and more! At future in-person meetings, we’ll explore nature and care for Kidzu’s Outdoor Learning Garden together! Garden Club will Meet every two weeks on Tuesdays at 3:30pm: April 6 & 20, May 4 & 18, June 1 & 15.

Club Goals: 

– Develop an appreciation for the natural world
– Learn the importance of caring for nature through hands-on experience
– Gain skills and confidence in gardening ability

Meet the Educators:

Allie is Kidzu’s STEM & Outdoor Learning Coordinator. She grew up exploring the outdoors in British Columbia, Canada. This love of nature led her to getting a Bachelor of Science in Biology – Allie loves plants and animals! She is also an avid gardener and is currently a board member at the Carrboro Family Garden. Her favorite flower is a peony!

Isabel has been working in Kidzu’s garden and Makery for the past 4 years. She grew up in North Carolina, and enjoys learning about the wide variety of beautiful plants native to the region.

Do you LOVE animals? Bring out your inner zoologist at Animal Club with Alison! At each meeting, we will learn about interesting animals, share our own animal knowledge, and create crafts. Kidzu will supply your materials and the perfect space to explore an interest in all kinds of creatures. We’ll also hear from special visitors, including professional veterinarians and zookeepers. Once in-person meetings begin, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a local farm! Animal Club will meet every two weeks on Thursdays at 3:30pm: April 8 & 22, May 6 & 20, June 3 & 17.

Club Goals: 

– Explore animals around the globe in an inquiry-based format
– Become advocates for animal welfare and learn about the current state of natural animal habitats, as well as how we can improve our world for the benefit of animals
– Spark creativity and learn new artistic skills through craft activities

Meet the Educator:

I’m Alison, Kidzu’s Field Trip Coordinator. I am an educator, farmer, and animal lover who likes to spend most of my time outside. I love animals because they provide so much beauty and excitement to our world!

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