Guts, Goo, and Gross Science

Summer Camp

Use your skills as a creepy chemist to make your own radically gross reactions with batteries, coins, and more! Compare fingerprints and discover the mysteries of DNA as you fine-tune your secret agent skills. Make “brain goo” and check out your bones as your travel the organ trail. Explore the icky inside of your body and learn about the organ systems and the cells that compose them with an introduction to the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, and muscular systems. Discover cool and yucky chemical reactions and how to solve a crime in this hands-on science adventure! 

This Kidzu Summer Camp is geared for children ages 6-11 and is a week-long, 1/2 day camp that runs from 9am to 12pm. Early drop-off and aftercare are offered for an additional fee. Guts, Goo, and Gross Science runs August 5-9. This camp is hosted by Mad Science of the Triangle. Registration opens February 1st.




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