Direct to Tech

Direct to Tech

Kidzu is excited to partner with AI for Teachers and The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics to help connect you “direct to tech” that will engage, inspire and enhance your family’s enjoyment and understanding of the ever expanding digital universe.

Join us for a celebration and study of computer science and coding. Created for Computer Science Week in December, our curricular-aligned Computer Science and Coding Learning Kit is great to use with K-2 students year-round!

K-2 Facilitator Guide and Activity Plan

AI – Artificial Intelligence Resources

AI is everywhere. It lives in our cars (Self Parking), our homes (Alexa) and our pockets (Smart Phones). Harness some of that technology with these suggested links for creative fun and learning with AI!

Emoji Scavenger Hunt: Identify Emojis in the real world using your phone’s camera

Pix2Pix: Watch your doodle transform into a full image.

Semi-conductor: Conduct an Orchestra! Your computer camera translates movement into direction for a virtual orchestra

Freddiemeter: Like karaoke? Like Queen? If you said yes, then this one’s for you – Sing along with Freddie Mercury and get a rating. It’s fun (and challenging) for the whole family

Quick, Draw: Teach a neural network to recognize doodling

Just for fun: Channel your inner “Pollock” and have fun creating your own masterpiece without the mess!

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) for K-12 Initiative: An online, resource directory to facilitate AI instruction

Join Kidzu’s STEM Coordinator, Allie, as she experiments with the Code-a-pillar! This is a fun way to teach early coding and problem solving.

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