First & Second Grade Offerings

First & Second Grade Offerings

This lesson explores the many different ways animals can survive cold winters. Topics include the change of seasons, hibernation, migration, and more. Includes a reading of “Over and Under the Snow” and an animal shelter craft. 

NC Standard Course of Study: K.E.1, K.E.1.1-3, K.L.1, K.L.1.1-2, 1.L.1, 1.L.1.1-2, 1.L.2, 1.L.2.1-2

What causes the weather we observe all around us? Participants will get to explore weather tools and perform hands-on experiments to dive deeper into the science behind the weather patterns we see and experience every day. Second graders will also learn about the water cycle and make a cloud in a bottle.  

NC Standard Course of Study: K.E.1, K.E.1.1, 2.E.1.2, 2.E.1.4

Explore how healthy habits keep our bodies happy and moving!

NC Standard Course of Study: K. MEH.1, K.PCH.1.1, K.NPA.1, K.NPA.2, 1 .NPA .1,  2.NPA.1.2, 1 .NPA .2, 1 .NPA .3, 1.PCH .1, 1 .PCH .2, 1 .MEH .1, 2 .MEH .1

Students will explore pushes and pulls and experiment with wind while learning to work as a team. We’ll design and engineer with different materials using Kidzu’s portable wind tunnel.

NC Standard Course of Study: 1.P.1, 1.P.1.1, 1.P.1.2

What are the 4 forces of flight and how do they allow airplanes and helicopters to fly through the air? Participants will get to create airplane launchers, paper helicopters, and use Kidzu’s wind tunnels to put their own flying creations to the test.

NC Standard Course of Study: 1.P.1, 1.P.1.1, 1.P.1.3

Makers are inventors, tinkerers, and scientists! Learn about engineers and then discover your inner maker through planning, designing, and creating a bridge as a team. Make a budget for your supplies and use “build bucks” to purchase them. We will test the creations at the end of the lesson to see which bridges are the strongest, longest, highest, and most effective.

NC Standard Course of Study: 1.MD.2, 1.P.1, 1.G.2, 1.E.1  2.MD.2, 2.MD.3, 2.E.1NC Curriculum Alignment: 1.MD.2, 1.P.1, 1.G.2, 1.E.1  2.MD.2, 2.MD.3, 2.E.1

How do we sense sound? We know that we can hear sound, but did you know you can also see it? Feel it? Interact with it? Students will use multiple senses and hands-on activities to discover that sound is an invisible form of energy.

NC Standard Course of Study: 2.P.1, 2.P.1.1, 2.P.1.2

Learn about the life cycles of flowering plants, insects, and amphibians! Participants will experience the progression of these life cycle stages through a bean plant experiment, frog craft, and creation of a handheld learning tool explaining the ladybug life cycle.

NC Standard Course of Study: 2.L.1, 2.L.1.1, 2.L.1.2

What is matter and how do we study it like scientists? Participants will investigate chemical change, distinguish between the states of matter, and learn about the properties of various materials.

NC Standard Course of Study: 2.P.2, 3.P.2, 3.P.2.2

How do engineers communicate with computers and other forms of technology? In this field trip, students will have hands-on experience learning how computer scientists develop algorithms through problem solving techniques in order to program technology. Students will also have the opportunity to program some of Kidzu’s robots, such as Cubetto.

NC Computer Science Standards: K2-AP-01, K2-AP-02, K2-AP-03, K2-AP-04, 35-AP-01, 35-AP-02, 35-AP-03, 35-AP-06, 35-AP-01, 35-AP-02, 35-AP-03, 35-AP-04, 35-AP-05, 35-AP-06, 35-AP-10, 35-AP-11, 35-AP-12