Field Trips & Group Visits

Due to the current landscape with COVID-19 precautions and Kidzu’s Modified Reopening Schedule, field trips and large group (20+ individuals) visits are not available at this time. Read more about our private play sessions and Phase I Reopening Plan here!

Blast off into learning and fun!

Bring your group (10 or more children) to explore Kidzu with its thematic areas related to arts education, S.T.E.M., health and wellness and emerging literacy. Kidzu exhibits and programs promote creativity as well as positive child development, while meeting national and state learning objectives. Two types of visits are available:

Self-Guided Visits

Explore at your own pace! You will have group access to all exhibit areas in our museum.

  • Fee: $6.00 per child
  • Kidzu offers 1 complimentary adult admission per every 5 children
  • Extra adults are admitted at $6.00 per piece
  • Self-Guided Visit Time Options:
    Groups with 10-35 children can schedule Tuesday-Saturday anytime between 10:00am-5:00pm*
    Groups with 36-70 children must schedule a Monday or Wednesday visit anytime between 9:30am-1:00pm*

*Visits are for a maximum of 2 hours

Focused Learning Visits

Please Note: Kidzu offers Focused Learning Visits through September – May.
Add a workshop led by a Kidzu facilitator. Workshop themes correlate to the NC Essential Standards/Common Core. Theme options are listed below.

UPGRADE: For only $1 more per student, upgrade your experience with a customized learning extension activity for each student. See descriptions below for details.

  • Fee: $7.50 per child
  • Educators are free
  • Parents are $6.00 per person
  • Focus-Visit Time Options:
    Groups with 10-35 Children: Tuesday – Thursday anytime from 9:30am-1:00pm*
    Groups with 36-70 Children: Monday or Wednesday anytime between 9:30am-1:00pm*

*Visits are for a maximum of 2 hours.

Bee School

Grades: PreK – K (max 30 students)

Explore what it’s like to be a bee at every stage of life – from baby bees in their honeycomb cell, to nurse bees caring for the hive, to adult bees foraging for nectar and pollen. Activities are designed to spark interest, enthusiasm and empathy for our bee buddies. We’ll spend time in our outdoor garden & create an origami seed packet to take home! Please note: The workshop portion of this field trip will take place outside if weather permits but can also be facilitated inside. 
NC Standards: K.L.1, K.P.1, K.L.1.1, K.L.1.2
NC Foundations: APL-1-2, APL-3, APL-5, HPD-4-6, LDC-7-10, CD-1-3, CD-5, CD-9, CD-11-15

Good Vibrations

Grade: 2

How do we sense sound? We know that we can hear it, but did you know that you can see it? Feel it? Interact with it? Students will use multiple senses to discover that sound is an invisible form of energy. During this museum-wide field trip; students create a collective ensemble with Boomwhackers, mix technology, music and engineering on our “Makey-Makey,” design art inspired by onomatopeia and make DIY musical instruments using everyday materials.

NC Standards: 2.P.1, 2.P.1.1

Material Matters

Grade: Kindergarten

Sort, classify, & create – all while discovering matter! Learn how all matter is composed of small particles and how to classify & describe everyday objects while exploring the museum! Additionally, students will explore and investigate using iPhone microscopes. The upgraded version of this trip is a make and take creation using real potter’s tools and clay.

NC Standards: K.P.2.1, K.P.2.2

Mini Makers

Grades: 1 & 2

Makers are inventors, tinkerers and scientists! Learn about engineers and then discover your inner maker through planning, designing, and creating a bridge as a team. We will test the creations at the end of the lesson to see which bridges are the strongest, longest, highest, and most effective.

NC Standards: 1.MD.2, 1.P.1, 1.G.2, 1.E.1  2.MD.2, 2.MD.3, 2.E.1

Sink & Float

Grades: PreK & Kindergarten

Hands-on activities based around the question, “Does it sink or float?” Children learn about density through hypothesis, testing and verifying whether various objects sink or float. Students will also design & build boats out of aluminum foil and experiment with each vessel’s floating ability.

NC Standards: K.P.1, K.P.2
NC Foundations: CD-1-3, CD-10-11, LDC-1-3, APL-1-2, APL-6-9

Forces and Motion

Grades: 1 & 2

Students will explore forces and motion and experiment with wind and weather while learning to work as a team. We’ll design and engineer with different materials using Kidzu’s portable wind tunnel.

NC Standards: 1.P.1.1, 1.P.1.2, 1.P1.3, 2.E.1.2, 2.E.1.4


Grades: Pre-K & Kindergarten

Explore the five senses as we find adventure at every sight, sniff, sound, and texture. While working in cooperative groups, learn how our senses can keep us safe and help us understand our world. Children will explore, compare and predict physical properties of mystery objects. The upgraded version of this trip includes a taste-testing experiment along with a scrumptious, healthy snack.

NC Foundations: APL-6, HPD-2, HPD-4-5, LDC-7-8, CD-1,11,14-15

Healthy Bodies = Happy Bodies

Grades: K – 2

Explore how healthy habits keep our bodies happy and moving! This high-activity trip leads your students through the museum as we explore healthy foods, yoga, and fun exercises to get your heartbeat going! The upgraded version of this trip includes healthy food substitutions with fruit pizza!

NC Standards: K.PCH.1.1, K.NPA.1-2, 1.NPA.1, 1.NPA.2, 1.NPA.3, 1.PCH.1, 1.PCH.2, 1.MEH.1, 2.MEH.1, 2.NPA.1.2

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