Pre-K & Kindergarten Offerings

Pre-K & Kindergarten Offerings

Hands-on activities based around the question, “does it sink or float?” Children learn about density through hypothesis, testing, and verifying whether various objects sink or float. Students will also design & build simple boats and experiment with each vessel’s floating ability.

NC Foundations for Early Learning: APL-1, APL-2, LDC-7, CD-1, CD-2, CD-11,

NC Standard Course of Study: K.P.1

Explore what it’s like to be a bee at every stage of life – from baby bees in their honeycomb cell, to nurse bees caring for the hive, to adult bees foraging for nectar and pollen. Activities are designed to spark interest, enthusiasm, and empathy for our bee buddies. Weather and location permitting, we’ll spend time outdoors just like real bees!

NC Foundations for Early Learning: APL-1-2, APL-3, APL-5, HPD-4-6, LDC-7-10, CD-1-3, CD-5, CD-9, CD-11-15

NC Standard Course of Study: K.L.1, K.P.1, K.L.1.1, K.L.1.2

Explore the five senses as we find adventure at every sight, sniff, sound, and texture. Learn how our senses can keep us safe and help us understand our world. Children will explore, compare, and predict physical properties of mystery objects.

NC Foundations for Early Learning: APL-6, HPD-2, HPD-4-5, LDC-7-8, CD-1,11,14-15

Explore robotics and computer programming with engaging, hands-on activities! Children will investigate what makes computers and robots special while interacting with real robots and learning how to communicate with these types of technology.

NC Foundations/Computer Science Standards: CD-2, CD-3, CD-11, CD-12, CD-13, APL-5, APL-6, K2-CS-02, K2-CS-03, K2-CS-04, K2-NI-01, K2-DA-04, K2-AP-02, K2-AP-03, K2-AP-04, K2-AP-05, K2-AP-07, K2-AP-08

NC Foundations for Early Learning: APL-6, HPD-2, HPD-4-5, LDC-7-8, CD-1,11,14-15

Sort, classify, & create – all while discovering matter! Learn how all matter is composed of small particles and how to classify & describe everyday objects! The upgraded version of this trip is a make-and-take creation using real potter’s tools and clay.

NC Standard Course of Study: K.P.2.1, K.P.2.2

This lesson explores the many different ways animals can survive cold winters. Topics include the change of seasons, hibernation, migration, and more. Includes a reading of “Over and Under the Snow” and an animal shelter craft. 

NC Standard Course of Study: K.E.1, K.E.1.1-3, K.L.1, K.L.1.1-2, 1.L.1, 1.L.1.1-2, 1.L.2, 1.L.2.1-2

What causes the weather we observe all around us? Participants will get to explore weather tools and perform hands-on experiments to dive deeper into the science behind the weather patterns we see and experience every day. Second graders will also learn about the water cycle. Lesson finishes with an engaging cloud in a bottle experiment!   

NC Standard Course of Study: K.E.1, K.E.1.1, 2.E.1.2, 2.E.1.4

Explore how healthy habits keep our bodies happy and moving!

NC Standard Course of Study: K. MEH.1, K.PCH.1.1, K.NPA.1, K.NPA.2, 1 .NPA .1,  2.NPA.1.2, 1 .NPA .2, 1 .NPA .3, 1.PCH .1, 1 .PCH .2, 1 .MEH .1, 2 .MEH .1