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Sensory Play!

Sensory Play!

Sensory play extends beyond touching and feeling, it involves all activities that stimulate any of a child’s senses. Young children learn by exploring their surroundings, taking in all of the different aspects of their environment, and making observations. Sensory...

Benefits of Cooking & Gardening Programs

Benefits of Cooking & Gardening Programs

Cooking and gardening curriculum have become a large part of early childhood development research and program planning. These programs have been linked to improving dietary habits and nutrition knowledge.    In a study based within four elementary schools in...

We’re Nesting!

We’re Nesting!

At Kidzu, we know how important it is to encourage children to explore from a very young age. Before the age of three, a child's brain forms more than a million neural connections each second! When these connections are formed in a safe, guided environment, children...

Support the NEW Kidzu!

Support the NEW Kidzu!

Kidzu is excited to unveil plans for our permanent home. Since our inception in 2006, our dream has always been to have a large scale facility fit for families with children of all ages with ample outdoor space - some of which would be free to the public year-round....


About Kidzu

Kidzu Children's Museum is a hands-on museum dedicated to inspiring young children and the adults in their lives to learn through purposeful play.

We invite you to get involved with Kidzu and help us build a permanent museum that serves all children in our community and inspires learning through purposeful play!


Tuesday - Saturday
Wednesdays extended hours until 7pm

Closed Monday

Closed on MLK


Free for members

$8.50 per child over 12 months
$8.50 per adult
Free for children 11 months and under
$3.00 for EBT/SNAP cardholders
$7.00 each for seniors 65+
$7.00 each for military families

Kidzu is proud to be a Blue Star Museum and a Museum For All.

*Prices do not include tax


Inside University Place
201 S. Estes Drive,
Chapel Hill, NC


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