Discovering Green Thumbs

The Makery@Kidzu has been having a great summer learning about the different properties of HEAT. From pollination, to sunlight, to infrared, the biggest chunk of our time has been spent looking at sunlight and its affect on everything around us!

During this STEAM’D Up Art & Design program, as part of pollinator week, visitors learned about landscape design by digging in and finding their own green thumbs. To begin, program participants helped plant mason jar terrariums with fresh herbs and vegetables to become part of a living exhibit in Kidzu. As these plants begin to grow, we’ll get to use them at programs like Market to Market! Take a look around the museum and see if you can find where our new indoor garden is growing!

After giving a big helping hand with the exhibit garden, visitors got a chance to start their own garden by planting their own herbs in self-decorated pots. If you had a chance to participate in this program, we’d love for you to send us a picture of your plant growing strong in the sun at home! Send a picture and description to and who knows, it might just become our newest blog post!