Behind the Scenes with Katie Hudson

Katie Hudson – School and Family Programs Coordinator

What was the last picture you took with your phone?

A picture of my cat snuggling with a Kylo Ren stuffed animal.

What is your perfect pizza?

When I spent a summer in Italy I had the perfect piece of pizza. There is a shop in Florence that makes heart shaped pizzas and it uses fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil leaves. It’s ideal!

Who are your favorite bands?

I’ve been on a big 90’s kick lately. So I’m just going to say all of the 90’s bands in general. I can’t pick a favorite. So 90’s and major laser.

Who is your hero?

Pope Francis. I feel like I can relate to him because he is trying to help the people who need the most help. You can never go wrong when your motivation is to give children and people who are struggling a voice.

What is your favorite exhibit at Kidzu?

The hive. I helped install it and do all the back end work. It’s trying to do something cool and educate kids on bees. I was terrified of bees as a kid and I really appreciate that Kidzu is trying to get rid of that fear. I also like how the bee exhibit is both inside and outside.