Thanks for the Memories!

Thank you for following! We love all the support that we get from our community, and we could not do it without you. If you have fun Kidzu memories, please let us know. Here are some of our favorite Kidzu memories.

“My favorite memory actually happened recently. It was at my graduation ceremony from UNC Chapel Hill. A few of the other Makery fellows were also graduating and so we coordinated a way for us to all meet up on graduation day. I was late to the meeting point, but they waited for me because we are buds. We took this awesome photo and I am so glad that Kidzu gave me this memory.”

– Tiffany

“It all started when they asked me if I had seen the invisible pirates. I said no and the adventure began. We had to put on the goggles from the Build Guild station, because it was the only way to see the pirates. We climbed into the tree house, searched for pirates, and chased them away. So basically, my favorite memory at Kidzu was the time I saved everyone from invisible pirates.”

– Landis


“One of my favorite memories happened on the day when we had a garden opening for the garden outside. It was totally packed and there was a bunch of support for Kidzu which is amazing. Halfway through the event I had a mom come up to me and tell me that her daughter adored me and thought I was amazing and wanted to take a picture with me. This made me so happy and made me realize the positive impact that we can have on kids lives. So I found the daughter and took a picture and we have been friends ever since.”

– Katie

“I think my favorite memory happened at School’s Out camp. It was so random, but we all decided to paint with our feet and then before I knew it everyone was on the ground laughing and nobody could stop. It was so fun and unplanned and that’s what I love about Kidzu the most.”

– Claudia

“My favorite memory happened on a day when Kidzu wasn’t too busy. I was working in the Makery and a family from Boston came in. They were visiting with their dad who was a physics professor on sabbatical. Long story short we built a ball and ramp contraption that stretched across the whole Makery. Even more exciting than this, we designed the ramps so that the ball completed one whole loop-de-loop before returning to the flat path. It sounds simple, but we spent at least two hours designing this and it was so much fun testing out each version. I love it when people bring their own unique ideas to the Makery.”

– Jade


“I have assisted lots of kids up the Kidzu rock wall and recently I was able to help my 2 year old conquer the wall. It has been cool to see her grow up in Kidzu and on different exhibits.”

– Candace