Spend this new year exploring everything Kidzu has to offer! There’s a whole alphabet of fun!
  • Ask a Makery fellow about all the unique projects you could do.
  • Break down old cardboard boxes and create your own masterpiece in the Makery.
  • Climb up Kidzu’s rock wall and ring the bell.
  • Dine with friends at the Millhouse Kitchen.
  • Explore the Tree House.
  • Find the hidden hedgehogs in the Discovery Den.
  • Greet your new friends with a funny joke!
  • Help a younger visitor read a book in the Book Nook.
  • Ignite a fire in the Campfire Tent.
  • Join Christy in the Forest Theater for Story time.
  • Karate chop your way into Mix It Up with local artists and scientists.
  • Learn to paint like the greats at Makery Masterpieces.
  • Make a mess at Messy Morning in the Makery!
  • Notice the small frogs hidden throughout the museum. See if you can find them all.
  • Open your ears and learn to play classic tunes at Music Makers!
  • Pay what you can on Pay What You Can Sundays!
  • Quietly read every book in the Book Nook.
  • Raise up your arms and ask all your questions in the Makery.
  • Stir up your creativity at Kids in the Kitchen or Market to Market.
  • Try your hand at Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Design with STEAM’D UP programs.
  • Use the Community Courtyard to share a lunch or snack with friends and family.
  • Vote in Kidzu’s voting booth. Every voice matters!
  • Wake up early and come to Members Morning!
  • Xylophone and guitars galore when Fam Jam hits the floor!
  • Yell from the top of the treehouse how much you love Kidzu!
  • Zoom around the outdoor learning garden, just like a bee!

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