Forming friendships in Kidzu!

Forming friendships in Kidzu!

Kidzu promotes an environment where kids are comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas. This creates the perfect setting for new friendships to grow.  Featured in this photo is Shalah and her new friend! If you have any photos of you and your friends...

Summer Camp: Under the Sea

It’s getting close to summer time and Kidzu is preparing for their summer camp programs. We have many amazing summer camp programs and one that has caught everyones attention is Under the Sea. This summer camp is from June 13th to June 17th and it is for ages...

What’s Buzzing in the Makery?

Over the weekend we had a special event in the Makery in which visitors created bee-grams to send to our student scientist in Switzerland. Our student scientist is researching bees and pollinators for our upcoming bee exhibit. We made lots of bees that will fly across...

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